Sunday, 14 November 2010

favourite beaches

there's such an advantage to living near the norfolk coast, and that is easy access to beaches out of season when the hoards of tourists, their cars and caravans have gone.

our favourite out of season beaches are old hunstanton and sheringham. when you have a dog that loves swimming as much as ours does, no matter what the weather or temperature, you have to be not to far from the sea otherwise much sulking ensues. she wants to get in for a swim as quickly as possible and then you're allowed to go for a walk. because of that, we bought a tide clock so we can time our visits to both much better. if it's approaching or close to low tide, then we go to sheringham (more beach, less pebbleridge). if it's around high tide we go to old hunny (less miles of beach & much more sea). it's an organised affair going to the beach these days.

yesterday afternoon at old hunny was lovely. very very cold wind but beautiful.

the textures of the sand with the retreating tide inspire my retreating tide pattern jewellery. old hunny sands at this time of year have such complex ripples, which must be due to being a beach quite far within a wide estuary, complicated drifts.

a happy and exhausted dog afterwards makes for a perfect end to a saturday.

the sunset was also rather nice.

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  1. Stunning sunset - Old Hunny is one of my favourites too - stripy cliffs and a westerly view, what a treat for flatland East Anglia!