Friday, 24 September 2010

like set stones

the high winds today have brought down the conkers from the highest branches of the trees (I know that because our local trees were denuded of conkers in the reachable branches some weeks ago by kids). the ones just smashed to the ground showed the most beautiful contrast between the glowing chestnut conker itself and the fluffy pure white interior so I brought some back home to photograph before they browned. oxidation doesn't seem to take very long though as you can see, this conker was freshly opened by me before the image was taken and already it's gone brown on the edges.
they really glisten at this early stage.

now I just need to find someone to play conkers with!

cinder toffee recipe

just found this on the Guardian site, will definitely have a go this weekend

Revving up

this blog is currently under construction, basically I had a rare 'lie back in' (get up as normal, have brekkie with OH (always nice), go back to bed for an hour with Canna dog when she gets back from her walkies) this morning.

this is Canna, she's a big softie but not when it comes to the postie.

I hope to include on here some of the thought processes that go into the work I produce, links to techniques, suppliers, my outlets and then links to things in the arts and crafts world that are interesting me at the time.

twitter is great and through the twitterati I come across people, producers, designers and all manner of unusual and interesting things I otherwise wouldn't have found. I'll share them when I can just in case someone else finds them interesting too. which they might, I don't know.

I also love gardening, but over the last year have bitten off slightly more than me and OH can reasonably chew with our new but totally neglected garden. it's not heligan, but it does need alot of work. we have hens to help keep the weeds down, when the fox leaves them alone to get on with their work anyway. we also love going to the beach - you can't have long walks on the beach and garden at the same time so we do our best.

today's animal count at the red door studio is - 2 humans, 1 dog, 1.75 cats and 2 pullets. there's a mole underneath somewhere, a hedgie snuffling about, a tawny owl, 2 muntjac and a squirrel - but they're free agents, sometimes here, sometimes not. there's also a big family of sparrows, resident blackbirds, blue tits and siskins.

better get on... replenishing window boxes today before opening the red door and getting the hammers going.

hope you're all having a lovely day